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Whether big or small, when you own a business, you must have a website where users can get information about the products or services you’re offering. A website is essential, especially now that everything is going digital. However, you can’t have just any website. You have to ensure that your website has a good design. Otherwise, it won’t serve its purpose. Having a Perth website design company by your side will be great to ensure that your site will look attractive, but more than aesthetics, a great-looking website offers many benefits.


As the saying goes, “a first impression lasts.” If your website doesn’t wow users, don’t expect them to hire your products or services. Also, if your website is unresponsive, or it looks like it was designed ten years ago, visitors may have the impression that you’ve been neglecting your site, and that perception could carry over to your products and services. The moment they see your website, they should immediately be drawn to check more pages and learn more about your company. The last thing you want to happen is users immediately exiting your website because of its poor design. A good website design also establishes credibility. Particularly for new brands that people may not be familiar with yet, having a professional-looking website will make your brand look more trustworthy, so people will want to support your products and services. If your site looks like amateurs developed it, users may think that you’re a fly-by-night company, so don’t expect to get many transactions. A great website design Perth company like us, DG Digital Services, can help you develop a jaw-dropping website.


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You need an excellent website design because it helps with your search engine optimization or SEO. To explain simply, SEO is the process of ensuring that your website has a high rank on the results page of search engines like Google and Bing, leading to more traffic to your site. Many factors affect a site’s rank, one of them being how well-designed your website is. Design doesn’t only refer to your site’s look. Your site’s functionality, speed, among others, also play important roles. Website SEO Perth can be a little bit overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with it, so we would recommend looking for web development companies Perth and getting the one that also offers website SEO services.


The above are just some reasons you need a great website design Perth. But what exactly makes a design great? You should consider various factors or elements, and one of them is the layout. You have to arrange the content of your website to make it easy on the eyes and at the same time allow visitors to access information easily. Using the right colors can help you achieve these goals. You can also use various shapes to draw people’s attention to parts of your website that you want to highlight. There are no hard rules on website layout, but you have to ensure that it won’t take away users’ attention from your site’s original purpose. Ask help from the professionals to have an effective website layout. We have developed many websites, and we also keep ourselves updated on the latest web design trends, so expect only the best layouts for your website.

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Another important factor is your website’s responsiveness. Desktop and laptop screens come in different sizes, but if your site is responsive, it’ll adapt to the screen’s width. Your website may also look great when viewed on a desktop or a laptop, but how does it look on mobile? Remember that more and more people use mobile devices, so they tend to browse sites more frequently on their phones. A great web development Perth company will ensure that your website provides a great experience regardless of the device users view it. This doesn’t require developing two different designs for one website. The best website development companies Perth would instead have one design with the ability to adjust its look or navigation depending on the screen size of the device where users are viewing it.

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Speaking of navigation, you must also ensure that your website has a solid one. You want visitors to access information on your site without any hassles. You can do this by keeping your navigation simple. What’s usually done to ensure website optimisation Perth is to have a menu bar on top with clear headings of topics that can be seen on your site, and when users click or hover on the menu, they can see subtopics. Though this is effective, you don’t have to limit your site’s navigation to this. Talk to a Perth website design company for other options.


You don’t want your website to be a sea of text, which leads us to the next factor that makes a great website design — compelling visuals. Images and videos are more engaging than text, but that doesn’t mean you have to pepper your site with them. Having too many videos or images can make your website look cluttered and may overwhelm your visitors. This can also affect the website optimisation Perth, so make sure that you have just the right mix of text and visuals.


Consistency is also crucial if you want to have a great website, and this can be achieved with a style guide. You don’t want to use different kinds of text or hundreds of colors on your website. With a style guide, you can be sure that elements are consistent, and this consistency will build brand recognition. You may already have a style guide for your materials for traditional marketing, and you can continue using it. Otherwise, we suggest building one from scratch.

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With a style guide on hand, your site’s style and content stay consistent, which is another factor to consider. A good layout isn’t enough. You also have to ensure that your text content is high quality. You may want to hire a web development Perth company that also offers website SEO services such as content marketing. They can provide you with great writers that’ll make users stay longer on your site as they read your content. They can develop engaging blog entries, interesting articles about various topics, and accurate product descriptions. Keeping your site’s content updated regularly can be challenging with all the other tasks you and your people have in your hands, so allow professionals like writers in our company to do it for you.


Last but certainly not least, among all of the elements that make a great website is speed. If your site takes a while to load, users may be irritated, exit your website, and proceed to the next website available. Website speed is also critical in SEO. It’s one of the factors that directly affect your rank on the search engine results page or SERP. There are tools online to check your website’s speed, then you can make the necessary changes. Or you can hire us to ensure that your site loads fast. We’ve website SEO services aside from web development, and with us doing both for you, you can expect a seamless combination of the two.


We’ve been mentioning SEO quite a lot. That’s because website development and SEO should go hand in hand if you want to have a successful website. When looking for an agency to design your website, choose the one that can also provide website SEO services so that you can hit two birds with one stone. We at DG Digital Services do both and more, so aside from coming up with a well-designed site, we can also provide you with the best website SEO Perth strategies, so your site will be visible on search engines for people to visit. We’ll perform all necessary on-page optimization and ensure that your content is high quality and something search engines can “crawl” or read as relevant. If you need help developing regular content, we can also do it for you. We consider all factors that make a great website – speed, navigation, responsiveness, and everything else we mentioned earlier – while still maintaining your brand’s identity.


Whatever your business goal is, you can start achieving it by having a great website. You don’t have to look far for a reliable website design company. Let DG Digital Services help you build the website of your dreams. We’re a digital marketing services company with years of experience in website design and everything that concerns digital, like website SEO service, social media marketing, and pay-per-click campaigns. After designing and developing your site, we can also promote it through our digital marketing strategies to boost your site’s traffic and make achieving your objectives more easy.