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Marketing is about reaching your audience at the right time and place, and with more and more people going online, traditional marketing may no longer be enough. Thus, digital marketing was born. You may already have an idea of what digital marketing is. It’s marketing using the internet or any electronic device. Notably, it’s leveraging digital channels like email, social media, and search engines to connect with your potential customers. Today, having a website isn’t enough. You have to create strategies to make users visit your website, or an app if you have one, and make them take the actions you want them to, be it purchasing a product or supporting your cause.

Digital marketing is an encompassing term that refers to various tactics marketers use to reach their target audience online. With the help of a digital agency Perth like DG Digital Services, you can perform different digital marketing types that best suit your campaign objective. Some of these types are discussed below.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO optimises a website to have a high rank or placement in the results page of a search engine such as Google or Bing. SEO’s goal is to make your website visible to users when they type specific keywords related to your brand. The more visible your website is the more traffic for your site. And with more people on your site, the better the chance of achieving your marketing objectives. SEO includes various factors, which mostly concern creating quality content for your website. Examples of useful content for SEO are blog posts, e-books and whitepapers, infographics, videos, and podcasts.


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SEO is considered the “organic way” to increase traffic to your site. It requires consistent effort to bear fruit, which can sometimes take months. Another type of digital marketing that can make your website visible on search engines faster is search engine marketing or SEM. Unlike SEO, however, SEM isn’t free, as it requires you to place ads that’ll appear on search engines when users type keywords related to your brand. It provides excellent results as long as you have the right budget and capability to produce quality ads. SEM often follows a pay-per-click model, meaning advertisers only pay for the ads whenever users click on them. As a digital marketing agency Perth, we can help you with both SEO and SEM.

Another type of digital marketing Perth is social media marketing. Here, marketers use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your brand, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, or whatever marketing objective you have in mind. Just like SEO, social media marketing requires developing quality content to attract your potential clients. Videos are becoming more popular as a content type for social media marketing, so make sure to have them in your digital marketing strategy Perth.

Affiliate Marketing is tapping influencers or content creators to promote your brand or products. Usually, digital marketers tap online personalities with a big following, but they also consider those with few but highly-engaged followers. These influencers earn a commission for every successful referral, tracked through unique codes or URLs. If you have trouble identifying who to tap for this strategy, you can ask a digital marketing consultant Perth for help.

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Another form of digital marketing that’s been around for quite some time now, but is still considered effective is email marketing. In email marketing, you send email blasts to communicate with your customers or potential customers to promote your content, sell products, or update users about your latest activities. Note, however, that you can’t just send an email to anyone. You need users to opt-in or agree to receive your email. Allow a digital marketing agency Perth to help you set up your sign-up form to ensure that you’ll get consent from your email subscribers.

Online PR is another part of digital marketing. Basically, it’s PR but for social media, blogs, content-based websites, and digital publications. You can reach out to reporters on social media for them to talk about a brand you’re launching, or you may send a press release to online magazines. Online PR also includes ensuring that your online reputation is spotless. If there’s a bad review of your product, for example, you may engage with the reviewer to thank him for the review and commit to improving your products. Sometimes, being humble enough to admit mistakes makes your company feel more human and relatable. Reputation management doesn’t apply to just bad reviews. If you get good comments on social media, for example, take time to tell people that you appreciate their feedback.

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Above are just some of the most common types of digital marketing. You should talk to a digital marketing consultant Perth to know which one will work best for your objectives. Often, a combination of different types is the best strategy.

You may ask, “Aside from the platform used, how’s digital marketing different from traditional marketing?” They’re different in many ways. For example, you can do a more precise targeting of your audience. When placing ads on television or print, you have no way of limiting who’ll see your ads. Certain TV shows or magazines have specific demographics as a target audience, but there’s no way to really make sure that you’re reaching the right audience with them. On the other hand, you can narrow your audience down via their age, gender, location, and interests, among others with digital marketing. Another advantage of digital marketing is that it’s more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Depending on how wide your reach want to be, your investment can even be under $100, and you can control how this money will be spent. And unlike traditional marketing, you can practically measure everything with digital marketing – from how many people you’ve reached to how many ended up completing a purchase and everything in between.

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You don’t have to be alone in your digital marketing Perth journey. Hire us as your digital agency Perth, and we can guarantee that we’ll provide you with the best digital marketing strategy Perth to have you achieve your goals.